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New update of E-GSM Tool has been released v2.8.0

[Xiaomi - Qualcomm]

# Add Repair Network for following models

Xiaomi Civi [ziyi] Xiaomi 13 Lite [ziyi] Xiaomi 13 Ultra 12RAM [ishtar] Xiaomi 13 Ultra 16RAM [ishtar] Xiaomi 12 Lite [taoyao] Redmi Note 12 4G [tapas] Redmi Note 12 4G NFC [topaz] Xiaomi Redmi K50 Ultra [diting] Xiaomi 12T Pro [diting] Xiaomi Redmi 10C [fog] Xiaomi 13 [fuxi] Xiaomi Redmi K50G [ingres] Xiaomi POCO F4 GT [ingres] Xiaomi Redmi K60 [mondrian] Xiaomi POCO F5 Pro [mondrian] Xiaomi Redmi K40S [munch] Xiaomi POCO F4 [munch] Xiaomi 12S Ultra [thor] Xiaomi Mi 11 [venus] Xiaomi 11T Pro [vili]


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