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New update E-GSM Tool v1.2.9 has been released


# Add Repair IMEI for [MI 11 Lite courbet]


# Read Informations # Remove FRP # Factory Reset # Repair IMEI in META Mode # Unlock bootloader # Flash Firmware # Backup NVRAM # Restore NVRAM # Erase NVRAM

- new Supported Models


VIVO X3S W [X3S W 3G DS] VIVO X5 MaxS [X5 Max S LTE DS] VIVO X5 MaxPlus [X5 Max Plus LTE DS] VIVO X5 ProD [X5 Pro D LTE DS] VIVO X5S L [X5S L LTE DS] VIVO X5L [X5L 3G DS] VIVO Y11 [Y11 3G DS] VIVO Y11iT [Y11iT 3G DS] VIVO Y11iW [Y11iW 3G DS] VIVO Y11T [Y11T 3G DS] VIVO Y13 [Y13 3G] VIVO Y13T [Y13T 3G DS] VIVO Y15 [Y15 3G] VIVO Y15bW [Y15bW 3G] VIVO Y15cW [Y15cW 3G] VIVO Y15S [Y15S 3G] VIVO Y15T [Y15T 3G] VIVO Y17T [Y17T 3G DS] VIVO Y17W [Y17W 3G DS] VIVO Y20T [Y20T 3G DS] VIVO Y21 [Y21 3G DS] VIVO Y22 [Y22 3G DS] VIVO Y22iL [Y22iL 3G] VIVO Y28 [Y28 3G DS] VIVO Y31 [Y31 3G DS] VIVO Y31i [Y31i 3G DS] VIVO Y33 [Y33 LTE DS] VIVO Y35L [Y35L LTE DS] VIVO Y613 [Y613 3G DS] VIVO Y622 [Y622 3G DS]


Condor A8 [PGN-611] Condor A8 Plus [PGN-612] Condor A55 [PGN-606] Condor A55 Plus [PGN-613] Condor A55 Slim [PGN-608] Condor A100 [PGN-607] Condor A100 Lite [PGN-609] Condor G4 [PGN-513] Condor G4 Plus [PGN-521] Condor G5 Plus [PAM-524] Condor L1 [SP-622] Condor M1 [SP-614] Condor M1 Plus [SP-615] Condor M2 [SP-617] Condor P4 [PGN-409] Condor P4 Plus [PGN-527] Condor P4 Pro [PGN-515] Condor P5 [PGN-516] Condor P6 [PGN-517] Condor P6 Plus [PGN-522] Condor P6 Pro [PGN-518] Condor P6 Pro LTE [PGN-528] Condor P7 [PGN-514] Condor P7 Plus [PGN-523] Condor P8 [PGN-605] Condor P8 Lite [PGN-610] Condor TAB [TFX-711G] Condor TAB [TFX-712G] Condor TAB [TFX-713L] Condor TAB [TFX-714L] Condor TAB [TGW-102L] Condor TAB [TGW710G] Condor TAB [TGW-801G] Condor TAB [TGW-801L] Condor TAB [TMK-715L]

# Fix Bugs


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